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Dawn Carroll was born in London, to a family who loved to read – and who also moved house with great regularity. One of the first tasks on arrival at each new home would be to find the nearest lending library, with the result that Dawn grew up with a great love of books. Encouraged by family and teachers, Dawn also started to write short stories.

In adulthood, Dawn’s busy life as a hospital doctor left little time for leisure writing.  Indeed, The Banana Bunch stories would probably never have been written had Dawn not, one fateful day, discovered that falling from even a very small tightrope can have devastating consequences… but that’s another story!

Unable to return to her chosen profession, things seemed very black for a while.  And then The Banana Bunch monkeys bounced into Dawn’s world….

Since then the monkeys (and Dawn) have been having a great time – telling the stories of their adventures in print and online, and also travelling far and wide to source new story ideas and to meet new friends.

Definitely not how Dawn expected to be spending her days when she stepped onto that tightrope, but a very happy outcome in the end!


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Linden Hare went to art college on leaving school and graduated in 1985.  Her career has included graphic design, illustration, and teaching art to students.

When Linden met The Banana Bunch monkeys, it was only a short step to the creation of the beautiful watercolour illustrations in The Banana Bunch book.

Linden now regularly sketches The Banana Bunch monkeys when they come to her house.