Mar 27

Sometimes only a few days at the health spa will do!

Hello everybody. It’s me again – Marigold.

Right now I am feeling the teensiest bit guilty, but I’m sure you will sympathise when I tell you how I come to be standing with suitcase in paw, waiting for the taxi that is going to whisk me away for several days of pampering at our local health spa!

Montgomery and MarigoldLet me take you back to the same time last year. Easter was only days away, the sun was shining, the daffodils were blooming and life was totally idyllic.  I have such fond memories of that day, when Montgomery and I spent several hours, simply relaxing on the garden bench, basking in the warmth of the glorious Spring sunshine… (contented sigh…)

However, since last July’s unexpected arrival of Baby Maisie (such a shock! I was so certain that my expanding waistline was merely a reflection of eating rather too many bananas!), life has, of course, become much busier for all of us. Just in case you have any doubt about this, I have raided the family album for a few photos of Maisie “at work”!

Lots of naughty monkeys

I am also honest enough to admit that I may have neglected my beauty routine just the tiniest bit, since Maisie arrived… But I’m sure you will all agree that a busy parent, of a very active young monkey, has precious little time to think about being fashionable!

And there is certainly no time for visits to a beauty salon for fur-reviving banana facials or paw-dicures!

Cheeky comments

Which is why Montgomery’s comments, as we sat in the sunshine a few days ago, picnicking happily, were quite uncalled for!

And what, I hear you ask, did my “dearest” Montgomery say as we sat by the lakeside???!!  I quote him directly… “I don’t mean to be insensitive, my darling Marigold…. but I am just wondering if it might soon be time to put away those lumpy, winter, thermal vests? “

Me?! Lumpy??!! I was positively speechless! And even more irate a few hours later when I opened an email from my sister-in-law Magnolia which contained this beautiful photo of the peaceful picnic that she and her husband, Morgan, had enjoyed on the same day that I was being so unkindly insulted about my fashion sense!

Magnolia and MorganThere is only so much that a monkey can take…

“Montgomery, darling. Can you come here, please? I just wanted to let you know that cousin Mimosa and I have decided to spend a few days at the spa. No, No, don’t you worry, Montgomery, I’ve left a long list of instructions to help you run the household for the next few days” “There is plenty of banana casserole in the freezer, and I’m sure that Baby Maisie will cause you no trouble at all…”

Tee Hee – from a deliciously happy Marigold!

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