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Saturday 3rd March


Dear Granny Millicent,

Well, honestly! I am so distressed by the events of this afternoon that my paws are still shaking.

We were positive that we would be made welcome when we arrived at our local hospital this afternoon, full of smiles and enthusiasm and carrying bunches of the very best quality bananas.

Instead, we had barely set paws inside the building when people started shouting, “No monkeys allowed,” and a lot of other things that I cannot possibly write down. We were thoroughly shocked.

Since getting home we have discussed the situation and the whole family is in agreement. We will not be deterred from our banana delivery work. If The Banana Bunch cannot deliver bananas openly we will do it by stealth!

By good fortune the youngster’s cousins Sophie, Sebastian and Marcel le Singe have just arrived from France for a long visit. Marcel (who says he has always wanted to learn to fly an aeroplane) has bravely volunteered to lead our first banana delivery mission.

Marcel has borrowed a “How to Fly in 6 Easy Lessons” instruction manual from the local library and is studying the contents keenly. We expect to be ready to make the first delivery of bananas in just a few days from now. I will write again just as soon as we have air-dropped the bananas into the hospital.

Loads of love, Marigold


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