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Hello.  We are the Banana Bunch!

It all started when our human friend Sheila telephoned to tell us that she was in hospital. Sheila is normally such a cheerful lady, but she was ever so grumpy about the hospital food. Apparently it was awful!

We, of course, recommended that Sheila should eat plenty of health-giving bananas and were shocked when she told us that there were no bananas on the food menu at our local hospital. No bananas available in a hospital?! It is a national disgrace. Surely everyone knows that bananas are essential for maintenance of good health and shiny fur?

For a few moments we were too amazed to know what to say or do, but then Montgomery had one of his brilliant ideas.

We gathered together to raise large glasses of banana milkshake to celebrate the formation of The Banana Bunch – a new and secret society which is dedicated to the delivery of best quality, fresh bananas to as many unwell people as possible.


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Magnolia and Morgan

Sometimes only a few days at the health spa will do!

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The Banana Famine

Hello again, all you lovely Bunchers! My goodness, what an up and down time it has been since I last wrote to you. We had a positively brilliant Christmas, but then came the shock of the post-Christmas banana famine (we’ve been rationed to just one banana per monkey, per day for weeks now – just …

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