Nov 28

The trouble with boxes…..perfect plans and roofs!

Hello Bunchers! It’s Marigold here. And what a week it has been!

Last Friday, Montgomery and I were peeling bananas for our lunchtime banana and spinach omelette, when the doorbell rang. “Hurrah”, we thought. That’s the latest consignment of Banana Bunch books being delivered. BUT… “Oh dear. Oh dear! Oh dear!”

monkeys and boxes


For those of you who have only just met us, we need to explain that we sign our Banana Bunch books with our very own paws, and then we sell them to raise money for two brilliant charities for children. And we had been doing so well that we had ordered some more books so that we could write some lovely big cheques for the children before Christmas.

Great Galloping Bananas! What a mess! Boxes with holes punched into their sides. Boxes ripped open. Boxes squashed and lots of our beautiful books squished and dirty. We were very sad monkeys indeed for a few days.

Fortunately, some very distracting news arrived yesterday from our Banana Bunch family in Wales, to help us forget about the poor, damaged books.

And what genius the Welsh branch of The Banana Bunch revealed when they came up with the plan of hijacking a satellite dish so that they could broadcast news of the Banana Bunch’s work all round the world. It was a perfect plan, and it really should have worked. After all, Morgan,  (unlike my darling Montgomery) is such a practical monkey…

tool kit

..And it did work for a few seconds, during which it was so exciting to suddenly see Morgan’s furry face appear on our television screen. Just such a teensy shame that he only managed to broadcast “Hello, I’m Morgan Montague monkeeeeeeeeeeeee!” before he slid off the roof!

on the roof

Ah well, never mind. And I’m sure Morgan’s twisted ankle will be better in no time.

Lots of love, Marigold


P.S I know I was supposed to be telling you about Granny Millicent this week, but the other news got in the way.  Tune in next week and I promise to tell you about the day that Granny accidentally broke all the kitchen windows, while using the kitchen lights for trapeze practice… Or maybe I’ll tell you about… Snigger! XX



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