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Mar 27

Sometimes only a few days at the health spa will do!

Magnolia and Morgan

Hello everybody. It’s me again – Marigold. Right now I am feeling the teensiest bit guilty, but I’m sure you will sympathise when I tell you how I come to be standing with suitcase in paw, waiting for the taxi that is going to whisk me away for several days of pampering at our local …

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Jan 18

The Banana Famine

Banana Bunch Blog 5 Banana famine 4 280

Hello again, all you lovely Bunchers! My goodness, what an up and down time it has been since I last wrote to you. We had a positively brilliant Christmas, but then came the shock of the post-Christmas banana famine (we’ve been rationed to just one banana per monkey, per day for weeks now – just …

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Nov 14

Our new Banana Bunch Blog!


Hello everybody!  Marigold Montague monkey here! This is so exciting! I’m going to be writing our new blog about the adventures of all my friends and family in The Banana Bunch! I’m dreadfully sorry that there are so few of us in this photo.  It is just that everyone else is out and about this …

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