Nov 19

Oops, I’m in so much trouble! Montgomery is not pleased

Yoo Hoo everybody! It’s me, Marigold, again! And I have to tell you that I am in SO much trouble! Not only was my darling Montgomery (who almost never gets cross about anything) very huffy about the comments in my last blog– I’ve also had lots of grumpy letters from the rest of my family!

Oh dear, Oh dear! I didn’t mean to be unkind. And I would never intentionally hurt Montgomery’s feelings. I was just telling the truth, but perhaps not in the wisest way. I feel so bad!

On the other hand… before you all decide that I am a totally horrid monkey perhaps I should tell you a little more about my wonderful husband, Montgomery…

Montgomery Montague

Montgomery Montague is the kindest monkey you could ever hope to meet. When I met him, all those years ago, I couldn’t believe that such a handsome and clever monkey would want to spend time with me. But he did, and we have been blissfully happy ever since.

Except… Oh botheration..  That’s not entirely true.  I was brought up to be a very honest monkey, so I’ll  have to confess that there may have been a few moments when the bliss has wobbled a bit!

montgomery at keyboard

Looking at the positives, my darling Montgomery comes from a long line of hugely brainy monkeys so, of course, he is an utterly brilliant scientist and author. His first book, “Quantum Banana Theory” took the world by storm. “Are There Bananas On Other Planets?” sold out on the first day of publication, and “Can Bananas Cure Hiccups?” became an international best-seller overnight. Such talent!

On top of all of this, Montgomery is an incredibly kind and caring father, a marvellous teacher to all our young monkeys, and he almost never gets cross. In fact I can’t praise him enough when it comes to matters of intelligence, genius and good-nature.

At the same time… if I am going to remain a totally honest monkey, I am going to have to tell you that there may be one or two aspects of Montgomery’s personality that are just the teensiest bit infuriating!

When, for example, it comes to practical matters, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!…  And, as for his habit of not listening to a word that I say… Maddening! After all, it is not as if I talk too much!

montgomery out and about

Oh how I remember the day when we feared that our Welsh monkey relatives had become lost in the mountains, and we set out to rescue them. Montgomery had done some marvellous advance planning. He had checked the maps and had arranged for loads of bags of emergency bananas and we had enough fuel for 8 hours of flying. The trouble was that Montgomery left the maps at home…

And it still might have turned out okay if Montgomery had just listened to me. “Aim for the mountains” I said. “Wales is that way” I said…. But did he pay any attention…. ? No! Sigh.

montgomery in digger

Hours of aimless flying later, we ended up stranded near the Dorset border, out of aircraft fuel, and with nowhere to shelter except in the bucket of a large mechanical digger. I hope you may be starting to agree with me (dear readers) that I may sometimes bejustified in becoming just the teensiest bit impatient with Montgomery!

Hey Ho! We Banana Bunch monkeys always try to see the best in every situation. So, while my darling Montgomery may drive me dotty from time to time, I wouldn’t change him for all the bananas in the Caribbean!

Lots of love to all you lovely Bunchers, Marigold XXX

P.S. Tune in again soon and I’ll tell you all about Granny Millicent!


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