Nov 14

Our new Banana Bunch Blog!

Hello everybody!  Marigold Montague monkey here!

This is so exciting! I’m going to be writing our new blog about the adventures of all my friends and family in The Banana Bunch!

Banana Bunch Family Photo

I’m dreadfully sorry that there are so few of us in this photo.  It is just that everyone else is out and about this afternoon, doing our essential Banana Bunch work of delivering emergency bananas. I’ll introduce you to them just as soon as they come home.

MarigoldAs I said, I’m Marigold (that’s me on the far left of the photo in the orange and blue stripey cardigan) and the incredibly handsome monkey by my side, wearing the yellow sweater, is my wonderful husband Montgomery. And then there is Granny Millicent, Grandpa Merlin, cousins Mimosa and Milford (who live in America), our children, some of their French cousins who are visiting at the moment….

Hmmm. Is this a tiny bit difficult to follow?  Might it be easier if I introduced us all one at a time?  Yes? In that case, I’ll start with me.

Marigold Montague

Marigold Montague monkey is my name and I am very proud to be one of the founder members of The Banana Bunch, a monkey society which is dedicated to the delivery of delicious bananas to anyone who is unwell, in hospital, and who hates their hospital food. It all started back in 2007, when one of our human friends was in hospital, and we have been delivering bananas ever since. And that, I have to tell you, is a lot of bananas!

Not that it has been an easy task. For reasons that make no sense at all, monkeys are not allowed into hospitals. So foolish! We are awfully nice monkeys – but rules are rules. Besides which, we have had loads of fun thinking up plans for sneaking bananas to the patients. Tee hee!

I like to think that I am particularly good at thinking up banana delivery plans. And, while I don’t wish to sound boastful, our banana delivery success rate might be very different if I were not so good at practical tasks…

If we had to leave things to my darling Montgomery (who I totally adore, and who is a brilliantly brainy, and incredibly kind monkey, in a rather forgetful and clumsy way) we would be in a fine mess – as you can see from these pictures!


Banana Bunch puncture


Banana Bunch puncture 2


Oh gosh! There is so much more to tell you, but this is probably enough for one day.

Big hugs everybody and lots of love from your new friend Marigold XX

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