Dec 10

Granny Millicent and Grandpa Merlin

Hello everybody!

Oh my golly goodness! It has been so long since I’ve had time to put paws to keyboard to write to you all. I do apologise, but perhaps the picture below will give you a clue as to what has been keeping us so busy….

Ooooh! We do wish that Granny Millicent and Grandpa Merlin could be here to help us with Baby Maisie!

Banana Bunch Blog split ketchup 300


Unfortunately for us, Granny and Grandpa are very busy at the moment, but never mind. Now that their names have been mentioned this is a good opportunity to tell you a little bit more about these two very special members of The Banana Bunch family.

Granny Millicent and Grandpa Merlin

Granny Millicent and Grandpa Merlin are two of the most generous, helpful and wise monkeys that one could hope to know. They also have a fascinating and secretive past.  Read on, and I’ll tell you more – just as soon as I have explained why they are away from home at the moment.

Granny and Grandpa are currently frantically busy, stock-piling dozens of crates of extra-specially delicious, organic, bananas. No, No! They’re not for us. They are for all the poor people who will be in hospital this Christmas, of course!

Did you know that, in recent years, some poor hospital patients have been offered nothing more than a hard-boiled egg and a few slices of cold bread as their Christmas lunch? It is positively scandalous! We couldn’t possibly enjoy our Christmas Day banana/parsnip casserole knowing that others are suffering. The moment that we heard about this dreadful situation we set to work.

And, who better to organise such a massive banana delivery project than Granny and Grandpa?

Those of you who are a little bit older will remember that there have been times when, because silly people were arguing about who owned which bit of land, everybody had to suffer. And during those times it was very difficult to import food – especially bananas.

Naturally, something just had to be done about this and, many years ago, at the height of the bad times, a group of daring and courageous monkeys (founder members of the now famous Special Banana Executive) regularly risked their fur to smuggle emergency bananas across the world.

Nowadays, of course, we can talk about such things quite freely, but back then it was highly dangerous and very secret work. We are so very proud of the few old, faded, photos of Granny and Grandpa that have survived since then. My fur stands up on end when I think of the risks that those heroic monkeys took.

I will say zees only once

Oh Gosh! We are so proud of Granny and Grandpa.

I am, though obliged (as you know, I am a very honest monkey) to confess to having one tiny little qualm about their past exploits, which left Granny with a very disturbing enthusiasm for high speed and risk-taking.  So…. I have some very serious advice for all you lovely Bunchers.

If Granny every offers to drive you anywhere firstly say a very firm “NO”!.  And if you do succumb to her insistence (and most of us do – Sigh…) please make sure that your seat belt is very securely fastened. And unless you have a very strong stomach please, please take some travel-sickness tablets before you set off.

You don’t believe me? Just look at the grin on Granny’s face! One moment we were sitting up, enjoying the sunshine, the next she had put her foot down on the accelerator and we were flat as pancakes…..! Oooh. I don’t like to think back to the 5 minutes that followed….

Banana Bunch Blog 4 riding out 300


Lots of hugs from a Marigold who is very relieved to be sitting in a safe, and stationary, armchair! XXX

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